About Us

ExtraDisambiguator is portal that determines the meaning of a term from the context in which it is used. Disambiguation on our website is the process of resolving conflicts that arise when a potential keywords are ambiguous, most often because it refers to more than one subject.  For example, the word “Mercury” can refer to a chemical element, a planet, a Roman god, and many other things.

Ambiguity is the property of being ambiguous, where a word, term, notation, sign, symbol, phrase, sentence, or any other form used for communication, is called ambiguous if it can be interpreted in more than one way. Disambiguate is to remove ambiguities from something.


Disambiguation pages are not articles and should not be categorized as such. Article categories should lead readers to relevant articles; disambiguation pages should be placed in disambiguation categories only.

Disambiguation is also crucial in the analysis of unstructured data, such as that generated in emails, documents, instant messages